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10 Reasons Why Use Google Classroom

Why Use Google Classroom

It seems everyone is talking about Google Classroom and how to use Google Classroom. While you’ve heard it is the latest and greatest when it comes to integrating technology, you have absolutely no idea what it is or how to use Google Classroom as a teacher! I am here to tell you that you are not the only one! If you really need the basics, I’ve got you with this Google Classroom Tutorial. Whether you are ready to hear ways to use Google Classroom, or you want to know what the heck it is, I am here to help answer this question. Why use Google Classroom?

Why Use Google Classroom: Paperless Classroom

Are you limited on the number of paper copies you can make each year? I know the struggle is real with the budget limitations on paper copies and ink cartridges, and you are constantly thinking of work arounds. Not to mention stacks of paper everywhere are just stressful and heavy! Google Classroom is a realistic solution that allows you to use the resources you want with your students. Instead of printing off the paper copy you can create the same activity in a Google App and share it with your students. By going paperless, you won’t need to lug a heavy teacher bag home every night, you’re welcome for that. Let’s not forget, using less paper also helps our environment. It’s a win for everyone! 

Teacher Organization Hacks

Teacher organization is something we all want, but don’t know how to achieve. Google Classroom organizes your work for you. Yep, you read that right! Classroom organizes all of your assignments. There, I said it again. I know you wish that stack of papers sitting on your desk would organize itself. We don’t live in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, so it is not going to happen unfortunately. Every time you create an assignment, it automatically organizes it in your Google Drive. Thought it couldn’t get better than that? Well it does, when students start an assignment their name is added to the file and it’s organized in your Google Drive. You don’t have to do anything other than create the assignment and have your students complete it. If that is not reason enough to start using Google Classroom then I don’t know what is!

Why Use Google Classroom: Classroom Organization

Classroom takes away the issue of lost work, both for students and teachers. Since Google Apps are all cloud based, work cannot get lost like a piece of paper can. Are you thinking of that kid in your class that has such a hard time staying organized and keeping up with their work? Google Classroom might be a saving grace for them. While it is great for keeping up with work, my favorite feature is accessibility. As long as you have internet and a device you can access Classroom from anywhere! That means you don’t have to lug your school laptop home in order to check in on your students work. That is, if you are lucky enough to have a school issued laptop. 

Track Student Progress

You are able to see real-time progress as your students are working on assignments! This is such an amazing part of the tool. This means as students are working you are able to go in and see exactly what they are doing. This provides the opportunity for in the moment feedback. As students are working you can leave them comments and they can comment back. You can easily track progress and check for understanding. This opens up a whole new world! 

Student Data

I know what you are thinking. Student data is not the most thrilling topic, but we know it is important. The easier it is to track and manage the better, am I right? With Google Classroom you can see an individual students work with one click all in one place. Then you can use that data during parent teacher conferences, with admin, and/or during and IEP meeting. We all know the struggle of collecting the data we need, so let’s make it easier on ourselves! 

Google Classroom Discussion Board

Not only can you post assignments in Google Classroom, but you can lead discussions too! Say what?! That is right. You can have a digital discussion with your students. All you do is pose a question. You can select for the responses to only be visible to the instructor or allow students to view and respond to each other. This is an amazing part of this digital tool! 

Engaging Students in Learning

If you are looking for a new and different way to engage your students in their learning this is a great place to start. It is simple for both you and your students to learn and manage. We all want our students to be more engaged. Google Classroom is definitely a great place to start. Students are able to work at their own pace, which will help with their engagement! 

Differentiate Learning

Differentiate, there is that buzz word! I know you may be rolling your eyes. You know why it is important to differentiate learning styles, but boy is it hard to do and keep up with! Classroom allows you to differentiate easily. When creating an assignment you can easily assign to the whole class or select specific students. This allows you to differentiate assignments, due dates, and materials that students receive. Basically differentiating learning styles with Google is so much easier than paper pencil.

Student Collaboration

Since we are talking about buzzwords when it comes to education, I thought we would continue with collaboration. We all know how important student collaboration is. You may be a boss at it in the classroom, but how do you transfer that to the digital world? I bet you can’t even guess what I am going to say! Cheesy jokes aside, Google Classroom makes student collaboration in the classroom seamless. Students can easily collaborate inside of Google Apps, such as Docs and Slides. This collaboration can be done at school and home too. 

Assessing Students

Assessing students learning is something that is done constantly throughout a school day and week. We already talked about student data, but there are multiple ways to collect data with Google Classroom. Assessing student needs can be done through creating a quiz in Google Forms, using rubrics for a writing assessment or simply looking over an assignment or discussion question. Assessing your students is easy to streamline and organize.

Why Use Google Classroom

So, did I convince you on why use Google Classroom? I hope so, because it is amazing and I know you will love it! You may have more questions though. Like how to use Google Classroom? Click here for the basics. This Google Classroom tutorial will get you started. I am sure you will want to know how to use Google Classroom effectively. Click the image below to get more great info! Drop me a note and let me know if you have any questions! 

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