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All About Me Google Classroom Activity

All About Me Google Classroom Activity

Get to know your students with an all about me and Google! It is time to get to know your students and you need something that is not your typical run-of-the-mill, all about me worksheet. I get it, every school year you want to start fresh with new ideas. You are willing to try things you wouldn’t have dreamed of doing back in June. Why not try an all about me activity for Google Classroom? Hear me out. It will be engaging, your students will get aquatinted with Google Classroom resources, and you will get to know them. Sounds pretty easy, huh? If you have ever wanted to get google classroom going with your students then this is an easy idea you can put into practice. 

Why Use Google Classroom for Students

Why should you even consider using Google Classroom for your students you ask? There are so many reasons, but these are my favorite. You could say these are my go to reasons. It’s engaging, saves time, and has the ability to transform your instruction. Now, it is a process and you can’t just go in full force. Take baby steps. That is why doing a beginning of the school year activity that helps you know your new students is an easy way to begin your Google Classroom journey.  

Google Slides for Teachers

Now that you know why you should try Google Classroom out for your beginning of the school year activity, let’s talk about which Google App you should use! Unless you are creating a quiz, then Google Slides is where it is at. And to be honest, who wants a fun getting to know you questions for kids to be a quiz?! That doesn’t sound fun or engaging at all! Am I right? Google Slides is easy to use and works well with Google Classroom. Each slide can be a question that helps you get to know your students while they practice basic tech skills. Want to know a little hack that I love? If you insert a template as the background of each slide then students can’t move them around! I know, your mind is blown. You’re welcome! 

All About Me Questions

Now, let’s talk questions and ideas for your all about me Google activity. Include a slide that lets the student introduce themselves in a fun way. Let them share a few things about themselves. Don’t be afraid to use fun fonts and clip art! 

Shake it like a polaroid picture! While your students probably don’t know that song, let them have some fun taking and inserting pictures. Google Slides has a built in camera feature that allows you to take a selfie and drop it in your slide. Have students take a selfie and maybe even take a picture with a new friend! 

We all know that students love to share some of their favorite things, so create a slide that makes this happen! It also provides an opportunity for your students to find things they have in common with others. 

As teachers we love goals. Use an all about me google assignment as a chance for students to set student learning goals for the year of the quarter. This is a great opportunity to really get to know your students and find out what makes them tick. 

Along the lines of goals, setting expectations for students, parents, and teachers are another great insight to your students and the way they think. This is something you could revisit once a quarter as well. 

First Day of School Activities

Have I convinced you yet that this would be an excellent first day of school activity? Ok, I know what you are thinking, first day?! Calm down, you can do it the second day if you want too. All joking aside, you can totally rock this back to school activity to get to know your students better. I would love to see your ideas for all about me Google slides you create! Share your creations on Instagram by taging @campbellconnection. 

Love this idea, but don’t have the time to create a new one? No worries, I completely understand. Click here and I will take you to an all about me google activity that is already created for you! Want to create your own Google Classroom activity, but don’t know where to begin? I have a Google Classroom tutorial blog post to get you started! 

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