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5 Ways to Use the Map Skills Bundle & Make Your Lessons Fantastic

Teaching Map Skills with Fun Activities

Do you teach map skills?

Remember the days of MapQuest? Any time you went anywhere new, you’d rev up your printer and get your directions printed and prepped for your trip. Those were the days! (I’m so glad we don’t have to do that anymore!)

Although our students aren’t pulling out a paper map to navigate their family road trip, they still need a complete picture of the world and how to use maps. So, I designed a Map Skills Bundle that covers 3rd-5th grade standards to provide engaging learning experiences. 

Here are 5 ways to use the Map Skills Bundle in your classroom…

"The Map Skills Bundle was a fun and engaging way to review with the students."

1. Quick Review

True story, I’ve had many 6th grade teachers use this bundle to review map skills at the beginning of the year. It’s a great way to engage students with colorful maps and interactive activities to jumpstart their memories! 

You can also use the Map Skills Bundle to review before a test. Assign the activities that align with what you’ve covered, and students will get the extra practice they need before an assessment. Unfortunately, most curriculums don’t offer many practice opportunities, so this is a great resource to add to your program. 

2. Split Up Resources to Fit into Various Units

This bundle is designed to be super flexible so that you can make it work for you. As I mentioned, your school may already have a curriculum for teaching map skills, but we know most programs have holes you need to fill. So, look at your scope and sequence and then fill in the activities where they match your standards. 

Musings of a Teacher OR said, “I split up the resources to use with various units, and my students asked for more interactive lessons!” She used these lessons with 6th graders, and it kept them engaged. How cool is that?

Check out these 3 easy concepts to cover when teaching map skills.

3. Teach Map Skills with Engaging Skill Application

Speaking of keeping 6th graders engaged, the Map Skills Bundle includes a virtual escape room where students pass through challenges to escape 5 different rooms. This one activity covers types of maps, grid maps, longitude and latitude, and more!

4. Interactive Assessment

Maybe you have all your tried and true map skills activities squared away. That’s such a good feeling! But what about your assessment? You probably have a packet you’ve used that is a reliable way to test your students…but what if you assessed them with activities that are:

  • Colorful 
  • Interactive
  • Virtual 
  • No-prep 

??? Your students will likely score higher and actually enjoy taking a test. I call that a win-win!

5. Homework

You can assign the digital map skill activities as homework on Google Classroom! The best part is that you won’t have to carry a stack of homework home to correct. It’s all online and easy to check. Leave the work at work!

So why buy the bundle? It’s 20% off all the goodies inside! So when you invest in the bundle, you’re not only getting a deal but also peace of mind because prepping activities can be a stressful situation!

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