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Think Dirty Shop Clean

I like my products like I like my people. Nontoxic.

I recently heard on the radio that people are willing to spend on average $8 a day on their skin, which lands to be about $240 a month…OVER $2,000 a year. I don’t blame them, who doesn’t want glowing skin?

BUT the reality is that the average woman wears about 515 chemicals a day. SERIOUSLY?!

Did you know it takes about 26 seconds for the chemicals in your personal care products to enter your bloodstream? 26 seconds.

It’s stats like this that are giving people more pause than ever before.  And because of this, the space for cleaner, safer beauty has grown and is only continuing to grow. In fact, safer brands are outselling their traditional competitors by two to threefold.

I am going to help you navigate this space : Think Dirty Shop Clean.

Think Dirty App

I recently was introduced to, Think Dirty….

Think Dirty is a resource for you to see the truth about the products we use & what our cleanest options are. You can search their database by brand & product to learn more about it. They use an easy to understand scoring system, letting you know not just the overall score but also WHY the item achieved the score it did.  

Just like I want to know what’s in my crackers, I want to know what’s in my moisturizer. And you should too! I HIGHLY encourage you to download the Think Dirty app & search the product you use.

Be sure to also check out my other blog post about Skin Care Ingredients To Avoid.

Think Dirty, Shop Clean: My Favorite Products

I often have people ask me what my favorite clean skin care products are. I love that you know by now that I am not willing to sacrifice effectiveness for anything…so what I share will not only be cleaner and safer, but also effective.

I thought I’d share my top 5 secrets here:

That’s IT! Oh, and lots and lots of H2O of course!

Have you switched to a clean beauty yet?

I know it can seem overwhelming, but please know I am always here to help. No need to overhaul your whole beauty arsenal all at once. I can help you figure out the easiest switches for you! Or you can always take my skincare quiz to get personalized recommendations.  

Do you want to check out some more of my FAV Beautycounter products? Or click below to take my skincare quiz! 

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