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3 Ways to Practice Rounding: Worksheets for 3rd graders and More!

Rounding Worksheets for 3rd Graders

It’s September, and you know what that means in 3rd grade…rounding worksheets for 3rd graders! So I know what you’re thinking. Melissa, I’ll just whip up a couple of worksheets during my lunch period. That’s easy! 

But what is really going to happen? 

For example: You drop your class off for lunch. Then, it’s time for a little “YOU” time, right? Nope! You race to the fridge, grab your lunch and sit down to create rounding worksheets one-handed because you’re trying to eat your cold leftover spaghetti from last night with the other hand. 

In addition, your teacher BFF comes in to vent about her run-in with a sour parent. Tick-Tock.

Will you have time to catch your breath before your students walk in ready to learn?

So here are my rounding worksheets for 3rd graders! Go download them and then have a relaxed lunch period, two-handed even! 

Keep reading for 3 more ways you can practice 3rd-grade rounding (and estimating) without worksheets!

Rounding Worksheets for 3rd Graders With Virtual & Digital Practice

OK, so there are some FUN things you can do with virtual practice! 

Let’s start with an interactive estimating QR Code hunt! Here’s how it works! First, You place the QR Codes around the room or at a math workshop center, and then you let your students go on the hunt while they practice their estimation and number sense skills! This even comes with a recording sheet to keep students accountable for their work!

You know I LOVE a good Google Slides rounding activity! When you use Google Slides as a math center or in a virtual classroom, you give your students an interactive opportunity to practice their skills. 

With these rounding activities, students use moving parts to express their understanding, and you can quickly grade them from your computer and not deal with a pile of messy papers. Want to know what all the fuss is about with Google Slides? Read about it here!

Rounding and Estimation Games

Games are crazy versatile, and students LOVE them! For instance, one of my favorites is the game “I Have …Who Has?” This game can be played as a whole class for review or as a math center station…like I said, versatile! 

 As a result, you can play this game over and over again during your rounding and estimation unit.

Task Cards with Rounding Worksheet for 3rd Graders

Task cards are a math station staple. I love to have task cards out for students to practice the skill we are learning in the main lesson. When I use task cards, I like to have an anchor chart nearby or a smaller version at the center for students to reference. For example, this eye-catching rounding anchor chart is perfect for students to use!

These rounding task cards are a challenging center used to practice rounding and estimation to the nearest 10 or 100 using an open number line. Also, there is also a recording sheet and an answer sheet…now that’s easy!

You Can Get the Bundle

Above all, I love designing resources to make teachers’ lives easier, and that’s why I’ve bundled up all my rounding and estimating goodies just for you! So, what’s a bundle?  A bundle is a set of products packaged together for a discounted price, and this bundle is 20% off! Purchase the bundle here!

Pro Tip: If you buy one of the rounding and estimating products and then decide to buy the bundle that includes the product you already own, TpT will REFUND you the price of your first purchase!

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