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5 Teacher Gift Ideas for Christmas (or any other holiday!)

Teacher Gift Ideas for Christmas or End of the Year

When it comes to teacher gift ideas for Christmas, most people find shopping challenging because they think teachers only like classroom supplies. But that’s just not the case! 

With a quick internet search, you may come across lotions and cute little mouse pads, which are nice but do they really need more of those things? So today, I’m sharing my list of 5 fantastic teacher gift ideas that the teacher in your life will love! Let’s start shopping!

1. A TpT Gift Card

Buy your teacher friend a TPT gift card! TpT, or Teachers Pay Teachers, is an online marketplace that sells a massive range of original educational resources. From colorful Google Slide Templates to engaging science lessons, teachers can use the gift card to enrich their classrooms and make their lives easier!  They could be doing these 5 things instead!

At first glance, this gift may seem like you’re giving them classroom supplies. But the truth is that the recourses on TpT can save them hours of their time by providing lesson plans and self-checking assignments. More time to do what they love? That sounds like a great gift to me!

2. Good Scents Hand Cream Trio

Teacher’s hands are always screaming for more hydration! After a day of handling stacks of papers and a constant flow of hand sanitizer, they need something soothing for their skin.

This giftable 3-pack is perfect for teachers because it won’t take up space on their desks, and the seasonal scents (Coriander & Cucumber, Jasmine & Citrus, and Bergamot & Cedarwood) smell amazing! The best part of this clean ingredient trio is that it delivers hydration without the greasy residue. Get 20% off your purchase by adding 20% off CLEANFORALL20 at checkout!

3. Beyond Bright Minis

Show your teacher bestie (or your kid’s teacher) how much they brighten your day with the Beyond Bright Minis. This set features the All Bright C Serum that helps even skin tone and gives a beautiful radiance. It also includes the Mini All Bright Triple Acid AHA Toner that resurfaces dull and tired skin and the Mini All Bright Brightening Facial Oil that deeply nourishes and soothes the skin. Get 20% off your purchase by adding 20% off CLEANFORALL20 at checkout!

This set makes a great gift because it works with all skin types, so you don’t have to worry about giving them something that won’t work for them.

4. Warm Citrus Spice Room Spray

After recess or PE, a classroom can smell a bit…stale. So a Warm Citrus Spice Room Spray is the perfect gift for teachers. It lifts their mood with a bright scent and creates a warm and inviting environment for the students too.  

Primally Pure has other excellent gift ideas as well! Check out their website for more ideas, and don’t forget to use my code LESSTOXICCONNECTION for 10% off!

5. Give the Gift of Wellness

Along the same lines, teachers love essential oils to promote a focused and healthy classroom setting. You can gift them a diffuser with your favorite oils or non-toxic cleaning products through Young Living. There are so many options that are great for their self-care and well-being.  

Did one of these gifts catch your eye? This curated list is unique because it’s about giving self-care to an overworked teacher. Whether it’s the gift of time, clean beauty, or a way to set the mood in their classroom, they will feel loved and cared for.

Thinking about some self-care for yourself? Take the Beautycounter Skin Care Survey to find out exactly what you need. 

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