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3 Reasons Why You Need Dependable 3rd Grade Math Worksheets

3rd Grade Math Review Worksheets

3rd Grade Math worksheets get a bad rap. Many view worksheets as a dismal one-size-fits-all approach to teaching that leaves students behind or bored. Typical math worksheets receive an overwhelming *meh* rating because they are ugly (you know it’s true!), unnecessarily repetitive, and don’t show student progress. 

BUT I will say that not all worksheets are made equal. That’s why investing in engaging, differentiated, confidence-inducing worksheets makes all the difference. Here’s how to ensure that the worksheets enhance your students’ practice and progress with 3rd grade math topics…

1. Build a Strong Foundation

I’m sure you have a district-selected math curriculum that you’re required to teach. And although those lessons are usually well intended, they typically skim the surface of a topic and move on to the next quickly. As a result, the lessons aren’t ideal for building strong foundational math skills that students will be relying on for years to come. 

So how do you build a strong math foundation? Practice. Too much repetition is tedious and unnecessary. But the right targeted practice allows students to get the additional practice they need without putting them to sleep. I like to use these 3rd grade math worksheets as an informal assessment tool to see who needs the extra practice and who can move on to a new topic. 

By taking time to supplement your curriculum with intentional practice, your student’s growth will follow their deepened understanding.

2. Show Progress in a Skill

For students, worksheets can seem like they are on a journey to nowhere. There isn’t an end in sight, and they have 1,389 more problems to go. 

Instead, I suggest using worksheets to help students track their progress in skill. For example, with equivalent fractions, students can start with a pre-labeled number line, and once they master that, they can move on to an empty number line they have to label and partition. Check out Number Line for Equivalent Fractions 101: 4 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Instruction. 

Students get excited to see that their practice improves their skills and that motivation allows them to work hard and become confident in their mathematical understanding.

3. Increased Student Engagement

What comes to mind when you think of the phrase “student engagement”? Do you envision elaborate props, colorful activities, and hours of work? That may be one definition of student engagement, but for me, students actively attending to the task at hand, whether a hands-on activity or a worksheet, are engaged. 

Worksheets are engaging when they have appropriate practice problems, are designed attractively, and provide practice beyond multiple-choice. For example, 3rd Grade Math Worksheets that allow students to draw, circle, shade, and easily interact with the math are engaging for your students.

Where Can You Find 3rd Grade Math Worksheets?

I love creating resources for you because I know how crazy balancing life and work can be. So, I’ve created this bundle of 3rd Grade math worksheets you can use for targeted groups, assessments, and supplements to your curriculum. 

These engaging worksheets will allow your students to practice and grow a strong foundation of 3rd grade math understanding. 

Why did I make these a bundle? Easy, you get to save money! A bundle is a set of products packaged together for a discounted price, and this bundle is 20% off! Purchase the bundle here. 

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