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weathering and erosion in the classroom

Top 5 Tips for Teaching Weathering and Erosion in the Classroom

Top 5 Tips for Teaching Weathering and Erosion in the Classroom

Weathering and erosion science lessons are so much fun to teach and the experiments can be a blast!

But let’s be honest, planning an entire science unit, including literacy integrations, interactive activities, experiments, and assessments with a digital component is a full-time job on top of all the other subjects you teach.

Your time is limited…you have a staff meeting, PTO meeting and then drive the kids to soccer where there might be wifi if… your lucky, you can squeeze in another hour of Science planning before heading home to feed your hungry crew.

Ummmm…that sounds like a LOT… that’s why I love designing resources to make teachers’ lives easier and that’s why I have these 5 tips for helping you with your weathering and erosion unit and now you can catch up on your fav true crime podcast during soccer practice instead!

What is the Difference between Erosion and Weathering?

As classroom teachers, we know that teaching vocabulary and having students use the words correctly promotes understanding and application of a term. Erosion and weathering may seem interchangeable but students should recognize the differences. So, What is the difference between erosion and weathering?

Weathering is when the Earth’s surface is broken down into smaller pieces.

Erosion is the moving process of the broken Earth from one place to another. 

Here’s a short video describing the differences. Use it in class with your students!

Task Cards

Task cards are one of the most versatile teaching tools a teacher can have in her back pocket. They can be used individually, center work, group work, whole class, or as a scoot. 

Melissa…task cards sound great…but you know…that takes TIME! I know, I read your mind and that’s why I made these weathering and erosion task cards. 

These task cards are a challenging science activity that will prepare your students for learning all about the different types of weathering and how erosion occurs. Your students will develop a deeper understanding of how wind, water, and ice change our earth. These task cards may be used as an engaging literacy or science center, fun whole class activity, or in a small guided reading group.


Teaching weathering and erosion is like telling a story. Starting with weathering a broken piece of Earth experiences the journey of erosion until it is deposited at the end. Help your students experience the story of erosion and weathering with a foldable, interactive book. 

This is a great activity to review before an exam or a way for students to reference what they have learned during a writing prompt. One teacher reviewer said, “This was a great resource I used in combination with experiments and outdoor time for an inquiry unit with my grade 2/3s”

Reading Passages

Integrating reading and science strengthens understanding of Scientific topics as well as increasing reading comprehension. Two birds with one stone. 

When students read multiple sources and articles they begin to build a solid understanding of the topic and will be able to better apply their knowledge. 

In my Weathering and Erosion Science Bundle, students will learn about weathering and erosion while reading comprehension passages, practicing writing skills, and performing other interactive tasks. Here is a list of all the helpful goodies I’ve created for you!

  • Compare and Contrast activity
  • Cut and Paste activity
  • Flip Book
  • Niagara Falls Opinion Writing graphic organizer and template
  • Changes Around Us comprehension passage and questions
  • Weathering Break Down! comprehension passage and questions
  • Quiz
  • Test
  • Teacher answer key

Weathering and Erosion Digital Activities

If 2020 taught us anything it’s that digital activities are versatile, interactive, and can be done at home or in the classroom. As a Google guru, I’ve developed an interactive Google Slide activity. And no, you don’t have to be virtual to use Google Slide activities. Providing interactive experiences for students strengthens understanding. Check out the Digital Activity and Bundle here. 

Want more ideas for activities in a virtual classroom? Check out this blog post Virtual Classroom activity ideas.

Weathering and Erosion Experiments

Weathering and erosion experiments are the cherry on top of your Science sundae! Please don’t go searching Pinterest for all the ideas! I’ve got them for you…right here!

All the materials are easy to access! No special ingredients or expensive set-ups! EASY! The experiments include: 

  • Chalk It Up
  • Break the Ice 
  • Carried Away

 Read more about why Science experiments are a must in the classroom here.

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