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Brilliant Spring Google Slide Templates Free up time for YOU

Brilliant Spring Google Slide Templates

Google Slide Templates free up your time! In just 10 minutes you can turn your in-person or virtual lessons into a beautiful interactive Google Slides presentation. The best part is you don’t have to be just virtual, hybrid, in person, or even using Google Classroom. These adorbs slide templates are for YOU (and your sanity).

Editable Google Slide Templates Free Up Time

We all need more time am I right?! These editable Google Slide Templates free up time…time for our families, our self-care, and if you’re anything like me, time for our reality TV habit. Editable Google Slide templates are a gift of time…plug your info in and go! And by “go” I mean…the Bachelor is on…GO!

Have you ever spent the good part of an hour searching for the perfect Spring background for your slides? 🙋‍♀️  The beauty of these templates is, I’ve already done the searching and formatting for you. Time saved! 

Google Slide Templates Free Up Frustration with Video Tutorials

It’s true, I am a self-proclaimed tech nerd…but I know how time-consuming and frustrating technology can be. My Google Slide templates free up your frustration because they come with video tutorials helping you tackle the tech easily, step-by-step, and with no added stress.  

Do words like “editable” and “customizable” send chills down your back? No worries, the tutorials included in these Spring Templates include editing, customizing, ColorPick Eyedropper Extension, and assigning the slides in Google Classroom. I’ve got you covered!

Add Variety with Spring Templates

Stop looking for a bunch of products that only have a piece of the puzzle when it comes to Google Slide templates. My Spring Google Slide Templates free you from cutting and gluing your daily slides together. The variety in these templates has got you covered and if you don’t find what you are looking for…you can customize them in a snap. 

Here are some templates that are included. 

  • Choice board templates: I wrote all about how to use these templates in this blog post.
  • To-do lists: I know… those darn never-ending-to-do lists, but at least it will be cute right?!
  • Morning Meetings: have you checked out my post about using morning meeting templates? Check it out here. 
  • Daily Schedule: Tired of hearing, “Whaaat’s neeeext?” “Is it time for receeeesssss yet?!” This daily schedule template allows you to customize your daily schedule and keep your day on track, students and teachers alike! I wrote all about using the daily schedule template here.

You can use these templates for everything! Other templates included are welcome slides, student groups, and announcements, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Because these beauties are editable and customizable you can literally use them for anything your teacher heart desires. 

Check out this blog post I wrote about the top 3 Google slide templates and how to use them!

Cute Google Slide Templates Celebrate Spring

Cute Google Slide Templates celebrate Spring and all the fun holidays that come with it. 

St. Patrick’s Day? Check, Easter? Check. Cute Spring slide templates to brighten those rainy days? Check. 

The other themes included in this set are rainbow, sweet tea party, and spring prints. 

Spring Templates Bundle Saves You Money

Seriously! When you buy bundled products on TpT you are saving a ton of money! Sure, you could buy one of my spring template sets but when you buy the bundle you SAVE 20%! You work hard to plan lessons, why not spend a little extra moolah to make your life easier! And let’s be honest…your gonna want all the Spring templates! They are that helpful and let’s not forget… adorable too.

Pro Tip: If you buy a product and then decide to buy a bundle that includes the product you already have…TpT will REFUND you the price of your first purchase!!! I don’t want you paying for the same thing twice!! Get on that refund girl!

Choose YOU today! Your time, money and sanity are worth it! The Spring Google Slides Templates are here to save YOUR day! Buy them now!

Want a monthly Google Slide template free? Subscribe here and you get templates exclusive to my email list…and when I say exclusive I mean…not in my TpT store or available anywhere else. Check out my latest google slides template below! 

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