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5 of My Favorite Things: Vol. 1

5 of My Favorite Things: Vol. 1

Welcome to the first edition of 5 of my favorite things! As teachers, you are stressed, tired, and super busy! With everything you have going on in your life with lesson planning and teaching your students I thought it would be nice to take a break and focus on YOU! That is the goal of my favorite things. Once a month I am going to share 5 of my favorite things that bring me joy. Cue the Marie Kondo thoughts! Let’s get the party started and talk about a few of my favorite things that made my life better this month! 

5 of My Favorite Things: Stainless Steel Straws

Stainless steel straws: The no straw movement is a big one right now. And why not, our environment is important. I have to say though, I cannot see one more picture of sea turtles with straws. So sad! I know what you are thinking–what does this have to do with my favorite things? I am a huge straw person!  Love drinking out of a straw all the time. Which brings me to my first favorite thing. Stainless steel straws. My love for these goes deep! I love my beverages to be ice cold! Drinking from a stainless steel straw has been a life changer when it comes to that!

5 of My Favorite Things: Instacart


Instacart: Life is busy enough. Who has time to go grocery shopping? I love, love, love having my groceries delivered each week. I can spend that extra time with my family which is what I prefer. Plus Bravo is way more important than going to the store. Who is with me?! If you live in a town where Instacart is not available (I am sorry), just kidding! A lot of large grocery store chains are offering grocery pick up now. You just shop online and go pick your groceries up. Still pretty amazing! Click here to get $10 off your first Instacart order! 

5 of My Favorite Things: Tavva Snack Containers


Tavva Snack Containers: I seem to be on a stainless steel kick right now. I am always looking for ways to keep my family safe and healthy. I am trying to cut out the amount of plastic my family uses. It is safer for the environment and for us. I recently bought these Tavva Snack Containers and they are amazing. Stainless steel with non-toxic silicon lids that are leak proof. Check them out!

5 of My Favorite Things: Inverted Umbrella


Double layer inverted umbrella: It has been raining like crazy here in Georgia this winter. Those of you up north are rolling your eyes. Totally get it, snow is way worse. I did move from Ohio to Georgia partially for that reason. Let’s get back to all the rain I was talking about. I needed a new umbrella and I stumbled upon this gem. The umbrella is inverted so it opens up the opposite way a traditional umbrella does. Plus, it is double layered and stands on its own. Mind blown! One tip though, open it up to let it dry out. 

5 of My Favorite Things: Pill Dispenser


3 pack pill dispenser: I know what you are thinking. A pill dispenser, how dull? You just go ahead and click on that link. You will thank me later. Now, raise your hand if you take vitamins every day. Then you need these pill dispensers. I don’t take that many vitamins, but I got tired of opening every bottle each day! This pill pack comes with 3 dispensers. That means you only have to refill every three weeks! Plus they are cute and easy to throw in your school bag! 

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