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Make Extra Money Online as a Teacher

Make Extra Money Online

Did someone just say make extra money online? If that caught your attention then you are in the right place! Are you ready to hustle and change your life like I did, and am currently doing? I am going to share my journey of making money selling my teaching resources online with Teachers Pay Teachers and how it impacted my life. That is not all though–I am sure you clicked on this blog post because you are a teacher who wants to know how to make extra money online. Don’t you worry about a thing, because I’ve got you covered there too!

How Teachers Make Extra Money

Let me introduce you to my friend Kayse Morris from Teaching on Less, because she plays an integral part of my journey making money on Teachers Pay Teachers.  She has helped me transform my resources, literally, through her course Transform Your Resources. Let’s go on a little journey together, so you can start learning about ways to make extra money at home. Make sure you take advantage and Pin things along the way so you can come back to this post.

Making Money on Teachers Pay Teachers

Let’s go back to the spring of 2015. I was in the teachers lounge talking with co-workers at lunch, as you do. When one mentioned that she made five hundred dollars last month selling her teaching resources online through Teachers Pay Teachers, our heads all whipped around, catching our attention, and I began to think I can sell my teaching resources online! So, I got my side hustle on every night and began combing the internet for tips on how to get started. While I had the ideas and the drive, there was definitely a learning curve to actually preparing lessons for teachers to sell online. There were no courses like Transform Your Resources. I had to figure it all out on my own.

How to Make Extra Money Online

At the time I was a technology coach, but had just left the classroom as a third grade teacher. I had a passion for teaching math and science, and began creating product lines for both of these subjects. It took some time and lots of research, but I found my groove and this great way to make extra money online from home. Every time I made a sale or got a review I couldn’t help feeling a thrill that I had made another teachers life easier with my resources. I realized I had a strong passion for helping teachers. During this time, I discovered Kayse Morris on Instagram and learned from her that passion was key to being successful when selling your resources online. Little did I know that this was the beginning of my journey with Kayse. 

Extra Income for Teachers

That passion brought me huge growth in my first year as a Teachers Pay Teachers author making extra money online from home. Little did I know at the time that my passion for making resources for teachers would not be my one and only reason. Before I go any further, it is important to understand your “why” for wanting to make extra money online. My “why” began as wanting to help teachers and make a little extra money for my husband and myself. Who can’t use a little extra money, am I right? Isn’t that why you are here reading this? My “why” soon changed very quickly. 

Infertility Journey

We are going to take a little turn here, but don’t worry. There is a happy ending! My “why” for wanting to sell my teaching resources changed because my husband and I wanted to start a family. Then found out that the only way to do that was through IVF. These procedures cost an enormous amount of money, and let’s be honest, most people do not have that type of money on hand. If I hadn’t discovered Teachers Pay Teachers I would probably not have my son right now. By deciding to sell my teaching resources, I was able to pay for IVF which brought me my sweet baby boy. Whatever it may be, find your “why” and then the passion will come!

Teachers Making Money Online

The IVF journey, a difficult pregnancy, and the first year of motherhood took me away from my teacher side hustle. In the back of my mind I knew I needed to ramp back up and become a Teachers Pay Teachers seller again. Now don’t think I forgot about Kayse Morris–this is where she really impacted my life in a big way! Around this time in my life Kayse launched her Transform Your Resources course. It was exactly what I needed to get back into the game and learn even more about how to make extra money online. If I am being completely honest, I wish Kayse’s course was around when I started my TpT journey. It would have saved me so much time and effort! If you are a teacher who wants to get started learning how to earn extra income, Kayse is your girl! 

Make Extra Money on the Side

That is just a little bit about how I make extra money online selling my teaching resources, but it doesn’t end there. I am continuously trying to learn and grow my teacher business, and I hope this post inspired you to find your passion and “why” for wanting to start learning how to make extra money online. Since Kayse’s Transform Your Resources course helped me regain focus and passion for selling my resources, I took the leap and joined The CEO Teacher monthly coaching program. I am one month in while writing this post, and my life will forever be changed for the better. Now that I have the guidance of a coach, the sky is the limit, and no dream is too big! 

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