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Is Aluminum Deodorant Bad?

Nontoxic Deodorant

I love summer, but finding a cleaner, safer, aluminum-free deodorant that actually works has been challenging to say the least. And by the way, my school’s average temperature is somewhere around ‘sauna’ so this has actually been high on my to do list.

You know I’m passionate about clean beauty, but I’ve never been willing to sacrifice something for a product that’s not effective.  Is aluminum  deodorant bad? Yes, it is. So it’s been my mission to find an aluminum free option.

I’m so happy to have found the new Beautycounter clean deo. It’s aluminum-free … and it ACTUALLY WORKS. {angels singing}

Block Odor Not Sweat

There is a difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant. If this is news to you, keep scrolling.

The major difference between deo and antiperspirant is that that the former blocks odor whereas the latter blocks sweat. Sweat is our healthy way of cooling down the body and ridding the body of toxins. Our bodies need to sweat – it’s healthy!

Yes, of course,  it’s nice to not have sweat running out like a waterfall, but isn’t it nicer to know you’re not preventing it with toxins that will be clogged up next to your breast tissue?

The answer is nontoxic deodorant. But they’re not all created equal.

Is Aluminum Deodorant Bad?

The short answer is YES, aluminum deodorant is bad.

The long answer is this: Aluminum has been used in products so prevalently because of its sweat and odor blocking properties. But several studies in recent years have theorized that because aluminum based antiperspirants and deodorants are applied near the breast, these harmful ingredients can accumulate in the breast tissue and can  increase your risk of breast cancer. 

But it doesn’t stop there. Unfortunately. Aluminum can also accumulate in your liver, brain, kidneys, lungs, liver, & thyroid. In addition to breast cancer, aluminum has been associated with Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s.

Clean Deo For The Win

Now that we’re on the same page that aluminum deodorant is bad … let’s talk about what is GOOD. 

Beautycounter’s Clean Deo doesn’t use aluminum OR synthetic fragrances, which can also cause serious health issues.

Well then, what is it made of?

  • Cornstarch and baking soda
  • Coconut and shea butter
  • Candelilla and beeswax

It also:

  • Is made without aluminum
  • Comes in a refillable case
  • Has 3 different natural scents (fresh coconut is my fav & you have got to try it!)

When switching to a safer option without these harmful ingredients you’re allowing the toxins to safely flow OUT of your body. Hooray!  However, you may go through a ‘stinky period’ while your body sweats a little more and rids itself of that buildup. Sorry … but I assure you it’s worth it. IF you’ve never used a natural deo before I recommend using a charcoal mask to help bring out those toxins. Yep, just put it right on your pits just like you would your face. Eventually, you’ll still sweat… just without the stink! And the longer you’re using a safer option, the more effective your safer option will work.

Have you switched to a clean deodorant yet?

You know I’m passionate about clean products, but I’m never willing to sacrifice effectiveness.  So be assured I’ve put these products to the test before I share them with you. 

Do you want to check out some more of my FAV Beautycounter products?

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