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How to Find the Best Non-Toxic Mascara

Mascara but Make it Non-Toxic

Your mascara tube is drier than your wine glass after a 2-hour marathon Bachelor night. Time for a new tube. At the store, you’re overwhelmed with the colorful and glistening packaging calling to you as you anxiously read the packaging for mega lash power but non-toxic. 

Can you trust the brand you’ve used since middle school? Does non-toxic mascara really matter? What should you be looking for? So many questions, too many options. 

First off, yes, it’s time to ditch the mascara brand you’ve used since the 7th-grade dance. And second, today, I’m sharing why non-toxic mascara matters, what you should look for in a non-toxic mascara, and I’m revealing my favorite go-to tube. Let’s go!

Why Non-Toxic Mascara?

Do the product ingredients for your eyelashes (such a tiny area!) matter? 100%. Wait until you hear about just a few of the major offenders…

Parabens are preservatives that companies use to extend the mascara’s shelf life. The problem is that parabens are endocrine-disrupting chemicals that mimic estrogen and are linked to hormone disruption, reproductive issues, and cancer. No thanks.

Aluminum Powder: If you’ve been in the process of switching out your products for non-toxic alternatives, you’ve probably already switched out some products due to this trouble maker. Aluminum powder is literally a metallic substance that is a neurotoxin. Companies use this junk to give your mascara color—hard pass. 

Coal Tar Dyes are also used to color mascara and contain heavy metals. Although they are linked to more serious conditions like an increased risk of Hodgkin’s disease, the less severe reactions are seriously annoying. Coal tar dyes can cause allergic reactions, headaches, nausea, and fatigue. We don’t want any part of this!

This is just a small sampling of the toxins plaguing your mascara. You can continue your research at Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

What to Look for in Non-Toxic Mascara

Of course, you want a product that will lengthen your lashes and give them a super boost. But is that possible with a non-toxic option? Yes! Here’s what to look for… 

Lash Care Conditioner: You want a product that nourishes your eyelashes while making them look fantastic. Look for tripeptide technology products that strengthen your lashes, making them longer and fuller-looking.

Natural & Organic Waxes like rice bran, calendula, and carnauba. These waxes prevent clumping and dry lashes. Instead, your lashes will be soft and seemingly weightless–naturally.

Water-Based Formula: Water-based mascaras are much healthier than oil-based formulas. It’s also much easier to apply and remove. If you have sensitive eyes, switch to water-based mascara to solve chronic eye irritation.

My Favorite Mascara

Finally, I’m sharing my all-time favorite tube. 

Drum roll, please!

Think Big All-In-One Mascara by Beauty Counter!

Ta-da! This product delivers beautiful full lashes without all the toxins. The water base keeps irritants away, and the natural waxes keep them nice and soft. 

The best part about this product is that it conditions your lashes while you wear it. That means you’ll see a difference in the health of your lashes the longer you use it. Yeah, it’s that good. 

Take my Skincare Survey if you’re beginning your non-toxic skincare journey and looking to switch out a product or two. I’ll analyze your answers and make suggestions personalized to your skin’s needs. 

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