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Equivalent Fractions Games

Equivalent Fractions Games

Teaching equivalent fractions with games is a nice break from the average equivalent fractions worksheet. While the worksheet route may be a quick and easy way to go, equivalent fraction games printable are way more fun! I promise, your students will thank you! Before we dive deep into equivalent fractions games, let’s make sure you read my post on 5 Tips for How to Teach Equivalent Fractions. This post gives you a basic equivalent fractions definition and some great ideas if you are stuck in a rut! I’v even got you covered with  equivalent fractions online games too. Now let’s get to the fun part and start playing games! 

I know what you are thinking. Equivalent fractions games sound great, but I need my students to truly understand the standard. One way children really understand learning concepts is through engagement, and my friend, games are engaging! What happens when you tell your students you are going to play a math game? They instantly get excited and are ready to go. You do not have to get them on task, because The game does that for you! Equivalent fractions can be a daunting task for students. Games take the dread out.

Equivalent Fractions Games Task Cards

Let’s talk equivalent fractions games. I want to start with task cards. I know what you are thinking. Task cards–Melissa!–those are not new and they are not a game! Think again, the great thing about task cards are they are versatile. They are easy to make or even easier to adapt. One simple idea is to get a board game, any board game, dice, and game pieces. On a side note, I am obsessed with these 10 sided dice! Then set up some simple rules for your students to follow using the game board and equivalent fractions task cards. Require students to draw a task card and answer it correctly to move on. If the answer is incorrect then they lose a turn. The other students playing the game have to pay attention to check each others work. I know, your mind is blown right now!

Let’s discuss one more task card game idea. I am always looking for ways to get students up and moving around. This is where a task card hunt comes in handy. Simply place task cards around the room in plain site. Then give your students their recording sheet and off they go. A task card hunt is perfect during math workshop as a center. 

Equivalent Fractions Games Bingo

Call the community center because you are about to be the hot new bingo location in your town! Ok, in all seriousness who doesn’t love bingo? People of all ages love this game, and there is a reason. It is fun, and who doesn’t love the anticipation of marking that last square so they can shout out, BINGO! Equivalent fractions bingo is a great way to take a tricky topic and make if more fun. Now, in full transparency take your time with equivalent fractions bingo. It is not something you can play quickly or rush through. Remember this is a difficult concept for your students so you will want to let them use all of the equivalent fractions strategies such as number lines, and fraction bars. Make sure your students have think time to work through finding an equivalent fraction. Students can even work in pairs. 

Equivalent Fractions Games Online

How can I talk about equivalent fractions games without sharing equivalent fractions online games? We live in a digital age. Our students are more comfortable with technology than we are, and that is ok! Equivalent fractions games are a great way for students to get the practice they need. My favorite way to use equivalent fractions games is through Google Classroom. Yes, it is easier to search for equivalent fractions games online, but with Google Classroom I get data that helps drive my instruction. I can see what students understand and don’t. This helps guide what I do in small groups. I know what you are thinking, you don’t know how to use Google Classroom. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. If you join my member resources, then I’ve got Google Classroom video tutorials for you. I’m also planning on doing a blog series on it too. 

Thanks for joining me on this equivalent fractions games discussion! Comment below if you have any fun game ideas to share! 

Still want more? Click here for my guide on the 5 Equivalent Fractions Hacks. 

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