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3 Simple Tips to Practice Elapsed time for 3rd grade

3 Simple Ways to Practice Elapsed Time for 3rd Grade

How do you feel when you know your elapsed time for the 3rd-grade unit is coming? 

Maybe you bust out your big yellow plastic clock and anchor chart ready to rock elapsed time like a T Swift showstopper, OR does elapsed time for 3rd grade send chills down your back? Do you make this face 😩

Either way, that’s ok! Feel those feelings, take a deep breath, shake it off (yes, another T Swift reference 😏 ), and check out these three ways students can practice elapsed time for 3rd grade without losing your Swift! 

Teach Elapsed Time for 3rd Grade Daily

When students practice elapsed time consistently, they gain a deeper understanding and become fluent. Repetitive and consistent practice gives students (especially those who are catching up) the opportunity to grow without just teaching it once and moving on, expecting them to remember when it comes to testing time.

I know you’re thinking, “Melissa, you want me to plan an elapsed time activity EVERY DAY?!” Y’all know I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that! I’ve made daily practice pages for you … no planning… no prep… just for you! 

These five weeks of daily elapsed time practice help your students develop the skill of telling time to the nearest minute and practicing the skill of elapsed time using open number lines. 

Each half-page daily practice sheet offers much needed variety in elapsed time problems, including a real-world elapsed time word problem and a statement that teaches students to decipher between A.M. and P.M.

Read more about elapsed time activities in this blog post!

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Practice Elapsed Time for 3rd Grade Digitally

Students need multiple ways to practice a skill to make it stick, and a digital elapsed time practice is the perfect way to add interest and variety. Whether you are teaching virtually or in person, digital practice is excellent independent practice for students. 

The best way to practice virtually is using Google Slides because they are easy to assign and easier to grade. Google Slide activities for elapsed time for 3rd grade are interactive and colorful.

This resource is an interactive digital activity that uses Google Slides. Use it to help your students practice elapsed time number lines and elapsed time word problems. Students will also have to justify their answers with written responses. Easily use this resource with Google Classroom for a fun way to practice elapsed time!

Another way to practice digitally is to use this awesome clock from Students can manipulate the hour and minute hands easily. It would also be a great way to model during a virtual lesson. You need to check this resource out…and it’s free!

Get all of my elapsed time activities here!

Elapsed Time Practice in Centers

Make an elapsed time center to give students extra time to practice this skill, especially after testing your elapsed time for 3rd-grade unit. The best part of centers is that the activities can be more than just a worksheet. I have Who Has elapsed time edition is the perfect game to keep students practicing and having fun.

Task cards are another low prep interactive activity to add to an elapsed time center. 

These elapsed time task cards are a challenging center activity that will prepare your students to tell time to the nearest minute and understand elapsed time. 

The best thing about task cards is that they are versatile. Great for a whole group scoot, an engaging teacher lead small group activity, or individual center work. Recording sheets keep students accountable for their work.  These elapsed time task cards will keep your students engaged and motivated to learn.

You are going to rock elapsed time!

I love designing resources to make teachers’ lives easier, and that’s why I’ve bundled up all my elapsed time goodies just for you! What’s a bundle?  A bundle is a set of products packaged together for a discounted price, and this bundle is 20% off! Purchase the bundle here!

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