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Dry Skin Causes And What To Do About It

What Causes Dry Skin?

General dry skin causes might seem like a no brainer: It’s a lack of moisture, right?!

But where does that lack of moisture come from?

How To Help Your Dry Skin

OK, so now that you are in the know on some of the causes of dry skin, let’s talk what do to about it!  This is the good part! 

Here are some of my all-time favorite products that are ALL-STARS for moisturized, healthy skin. The best part is that they are all clean and safe (you know I would never recommend something that wasn’t!).

1. Countertime Antioxidant Soft Cream

Do you want healthy looking and glowing skin? YOU.NEED.THIS.  This cream works to visibly plump and firm your skin while boosting hydration big time.  

I use this every day as part of my morning skin care routine. 

On days that I use this body oil, I like to dry brush before my shower. IYKYK. Dry brushing has a list of beauty benefits including increased circulation, smooth and exfoliated skin, detoxification through lymphatic drainage, and improved appearance of the skin. 

HELLLLOOOOOO soft, hydrated skin! 

I’m passionate about clean living and helping other people just like you make changes to safer, more effective products.
Check out this blog post to learn more about ingredients to avoid and how to check your products.
I’m also always available to help you figure out how to get more clean beauty products into your life!

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